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Penguin King CNC

Penguin King CNC

The king of CNC machines

The KING CNC machine is a beast of a machine with the usual Penguin CNC affordable pricing and high quality parts. It’s big, it’s rigid, it’s affordable and it is at your budget! It s a perfect CNC machine for any shop.


The KING CNC machine by Penguin CNC is the most massive machine in our CNC arsenal.

It is rigid, fast, accurate and affordable machine for big cuts ranging from 1325 to 2040 sheets and it can cut through a huge range of materials like hard wood, soft metals, polymers and even steel.

It was designed to handle big work materials without compromising speed, feeds or accuracy.

Contact us now and get your CNC machine!


Each and every Penguin CNC Machine is supplied with a starter kit including bits, collets, Wrenches, spare parts and anything else needed to start working immediately.

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